The Symposium will be held at the University Conference Hall in the 50th Anniversary Auditorium, which is located on the Bunkyo-cho Campus of Hirosaki University, Aomori Prefecture, Japan.


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Hirosaki University (established in 1949) is a renowned national university located in the City of Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture, serving the northern part of Honshu, Japan. It is a medium-size university with Faculties of Humanities & Social Science, Education, Medicine, Science & Technology, and Agriculture & Life Science which offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate academic and seven graduate programs. Currently the university has about 6,000 undergraduate and 780 graduate students enrolled.

Hirosaki University
 Main gate of Hirosaki University

Hirosaki University
 Hirosaki University Campus

Hirosaki University
 50th Anniversary Auditorium in Hirosaki University

The City of Hirosaki

Historically, Hirosaki City was the former castle town in the "Tsugaru" district, and its castle is in excellent condition for visitors to enjoy. It is one of the few remaining old castle still in existence in Japan as one of the early rulers of Japan ordered all castles to be destroyed except his own. The city has developed its own unique culture with many attractive places for visitors to see including samurai residences, temples, and a botanical garden with many native plants - all located near the castle. The Hirosaki area is famous for its apples, while in the city's suburbs, typical cold temperate forests are dominated by beech trees.


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Hirosaki Castle
 Hirosaki Castle in cherry blossom season (early May)

Mt. Iwaki
 Mt. Iwaki, seen from an apple orchard in a suburb of Hirosaki (October)