The proceedings of our upcoming 14th ISAO meeting, convening in Hirosaki, Japan in September 2018, will be presented in independent volume of the journal, “Zoosymposia”. The editorial policy for the proceedings of our symposium will be as follows:

1. Publication: The proceedings of ISAO2018 will be presented in an open access / on-line only version of the journal, Zoosymposia; no printed version will be made.

2. Cost: There will be no separate manuscript submission fee. The symposium registration fee will cover the open access fee of your own article(s) up to 10 printed pages in total; therefore we recommend authors to assure their paper(s) do not exceed 10 pages. If an author's paper(s) (2 or more) exceed 10 pages in total, authors will be responsible for the additional page charges (= $20. USD/page). This policy applies to regular and student participants.

3. Color printing: There is no charge for color photo/figures for submission.

4. Manuscripts: Manuscripts submitted to the ISAO2018 editorial committee must follow all editorial policies presented in the instructions to authors, here:

Manuscripts that do not follow the editorial policies will be returned to the authors without review, and may not be reconsidered or accepted for inclusion if first sent to the editorial committee near the submission deadline.

5. Submission deadline: The manuscript should be sent to ISAO editor by no later than 31 October 2018. ⇒ Extension until 10 December 2018.

6. Subscription: All of the articles published in the ISAO2018 proceedings volume of Zoosymposia will be accessible, freely, on-line.

7. ISAO editors: Ohtaka A, Hirabayashi K, Wetzel MJ, Schenková, J and Pinder A.

8. Reference: The proceedings for our ISAO12 meeting in Fremantle, Western Australia (September 2012) was presented in Volume 9 of Zoosymposia (published in 2014), and is accessible here:

Thank you! Sincerely, The ISAO2018 Editorial Board, in cooperation with the ISAO International Scientific Advisory Committee.