Accompanying person's tours

We plan half-day tours for accompanying persons to visit some historical and other interesting places in and around the Hirosaki City shown below. Transport expenses and entry fees are covered in the registration fee. On the other hand, meals and some activities are options and you are required to pay.

 »Short tours for accompanying persons [Downloadpdf icon]    Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018

• First tour for Tuesday (11th September):
  Sightseeing at Hirosaki Park.

• Second tour for Thursday (13th September):
  Sightseeing at Inakadate (Rice paddy Art) and Kuroishi (Nakamachi Komise Street).

• Third tour for Friday (14th September):
  Japanese Feudal Load/Princess Dress-up Experience (option, 500 JPY) and
  Traditional Japanese cuisine (option, 3,240 JPY).

  Costumes Dressing Experience
  Traditional Japanese cuisin