Call for abstract

An abstract should be submitted for all oral talks and poster presentations by 15th July 2018. It should be edited in accordance with the following format and the Abstract sample.

- Type of presentation: choose Oral Presentation or Poster presentation
- Theme: choose one from the "Symposium Themes"
- Title (font: Arial 14, in bold)
- Full Author's Name with the presenting author underlined (font: Arial 12)
- Author's affiliations (without abbreviations) indicated with superscript numbers (font: Arial 12)
- Text (font: Arial 12), max 300 words.

No tables or Figures should be included.

Abstract not conforming to the guidelines, may be returned to the presenter for correction.

Please send the Abstract by e-mail to: as a Microsoft Word file attachment which can be edited. The file name should include the word ABSTRACT.

 »Abstract Template/sample [Word file word icon]